£100, 2020 And A Goal

£100, 2020 And A Goal

Looking back, I can see why this blog was so difficult to write and why I’m only now able to sit and reflect on the past year, let me paint a picture for you.

Its late February 2020, I (Jay) am driving home after a week of working away and on my journey home I call up Louis with a product Idea we spend the next 2 hours fleshing the product out, fast forward two weeks I’m sat with my accountant completing a self-assessment when he brings up a client of his looking for a booking system to be built, Lightbulb, in a moment of intrigue I agree to meet up with the client and ask Louis along as he’s the brains.

The pitch goes better than either of us expect and we walk out barely containing the excitement, this is the moment we look at each other and decide the yet unnamed CarbonCode needs to happen with nothing more than £100 and a goal, we go for it. Fast forward to March 2020 we’d developed a loose business plan and on the 16th of March we were incorporated, by the 23rd the whole of the UK went into a historic nationwide lockdown and we lose the only business we had!

Ugh what now? As if Devine intervention a business contact reached out with a lead, this one lead enabled us to start the long crawl to where we are now, carrying on the theme of better luck than judgment through 2020 we managed to land some amazing clients some who are still showing us support.

Late December 2020 is where CarbonCode had really taken shape, both Louis and I had taken the leap to working for the company full time and we had landed a large and exciting client, January flew by February went the same and it wasn’t until we hit march 2021 that I realised we had barely touched the ground in months, we were caught in a whirlwind and it was our one year anniversary where I felt like we learnt to fly.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t underestimate what you can achieve with £100, a punishing situation and a goal. Put the effort in and you’ll have it returned 1000-fold

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