Custom CRM Software Solutions

Custom CRM Software Solutions

Custom CRM software solutions

A Customer Relationship Management system is an essential part of any business, but sometimes off-the-shelf CRM solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 don’t have the features required for your specific business.

Here at CarbonCode Solutions, we know what goes into building a custom CRM solution and how to apply that process to any business requiring a specialist, homegrown CRM.

Why build a custom CRM?

There are many issues with off-the-shelf CRM systems that are solved by building a CRM tailored for your needs such as:


There are always more options for customisation when it comes to bespoke software. If you have a non-standard way of approaching sales and marketing, then you may find it difficult to configure a standard CRM system to work for you and your business. With a custom CRM software solution, you know that everything is built from the ground up to your specifications.


Usually bespoke software costs significantly more than buying off the shelf solutions, but depending on your needs there may well be a reduction in cost in commissioning a bespoke CRM compared to spending potentially thousands every month on enterprise-level, bulky, and generic CRM providers.

Reduce bloat

Reduce the need to manoeuvre through potentially hundreds of features that your business can’t make use of.


A custom CRM solution grows with your organisation. As new processes, team members, and departments get added to your business, your CRM can also grow to accommodate these new additions to your business.

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