Customer Portal Software

Customer Portal Software

Bespoke client portal software

In simple terms, a client portal / custom portal is a web application designed for a particular user base. Typically they are accessed via a login page to keep out unwanted users. We have created a variety of portals from content management systems to a customer claim tracker.

Why do you need a client portal?

There are plenty of reasons why a business may need a client portal, such as:


A key benefit of building a custom client portal is the ability to provide information to your clients and customers in a secure way.

Thanks to server-side security and encryption, your data is safe. Another benefit to this security is that different levels of access can be provided to different users based on set permissions.


Another benefit to client portals is the ability to provide unique experiences to your users. After they log in, users can view unlocked content which ranges from data to their own personal files.

The convenience factor

The benefits of having access to personalised content online through a client portal are major to your clients and customers. Think about all the other sectors that use client portals, like the banking sector. In today's world, would you sign up for a bank account without access online?

Customer portals simply are convenient. As long as customers have internet access, they can log on anywhere, anytime, from any device.

What should a client portal have?

Shown below is a list of features commonly available in client portals:

  • Dashboards
  • Admin permissions
  • Collaboration features
  • The ability to download and upload files
  • A clear way to contact someone for support
  • Communicate with peers in a community hub

Bespoke is better than off the shelf

A customer or client portal is a very intimate part of your business. It’s where your users go to look at something that relates to them. It’s a vital component of your offering that you have to get right. The customisability opportunities of going bespoke versus off-the-shelf cannot be understated.

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